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Play a Free Memory Matching Games (No signup or download required)

Feeling nostalgic? Play one of the most classic memory games ever! Online and free for life! You don’t even need to create an account. We don’t need your data.

You may know the game by one of the following names: Concentration, Pairs, Memory, Shinkei-suijaku (which translates to "nervous breakdown" in Japanese), Matching Pairs, Match Up, Pelmanism, Pexeso, or simply Match Match. Do you recognize some of these names? Then you are at the right place.

Who uses Teachers, parents, students, adults, kids... Get your brain into a mental gym! Our free matching game has many levels and categories. Our friends and teachers had hours of fun playing it. Maybe you'll too.

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The Daily Challenge is our most challenging memory matching puzzle, featuring a larger board size than any other game option. The images used are randomly selected from a variety of categories, with no option to choose a specific category.
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Different kind of games that will put your memory to test. Do you like numbers?

Do you know a mom or dad or a teacher?

Share with them link to Simple as sending a simple text, or posting it on your favorite social network. Tools and applications teachers need in their everyday work, are often overpriced. They can benefit from free resources that help create stimulating environment for learning and enjoyment. For both elderly and children.

These memory games are not just here to test your working memory but also to present you additional information that you start remembering through spaced repetition. For example, every time you match the flag in the flags game you will get a hint with a name of the country or territory that flag is representing.

What is a memory match?

It's a game requiring memory skills and “good eye”, or observation if we want to be more technical. It’s a game as old as time. Game is generally played with face-down cards, and it involves players opening cards one by one trying to find the matching pairs. You win the game when the board is clear.

It has smooth gameplay, a modern design, and all the features you know and love from the classic game. All games in the collection have unlimited free gameplays, tips and hints. You can select different categories and levels, start new games, reset games you already started, share your wins and much more. Graphic will also improve over the time, as well as the number of available categories and levels.

Challenge yourself with a random shuffle. Take part in our daily challenge to see if you can win 3 challenges in one month. Keep in mind, these challenges can be difficult, so don't be too hard on yourself.

Fun fact about memory matching games

Kai-awase (貝合わせ) is a traditional shell game with origins in Japan. The interior of the shells featured elaborate paintings, often representing scenes from traditional Japanese literature. The aim of the game was to find the other half that would fit. Many games were later developed based on it.

How to play a memory match?

Start the game

Click on the restart button to reset the timer and create a new game or select the game category you want to play.

Flip over the cards

Select two cards to flip over at a time.


Take your time to study the cards after you reveal them and memorize the patterns, colors, and images

Match the cards

When you open two cards, they will be checked for possible matches. If they are the same, matched cards will be cleared from the board and you can continue playing with the cards that are left on the board.

Repeat the process

You can continue selecting two cards at a time and trying to match them until all of the cards have been cleared from the board. Then the timer will stop and you will be presented with a report on how good you do.

Track your progress

All games have a timer and additionally we show how many moves you did, so you can keep track of your progress. You can choose if you want to track your stats and try to be better than your last time, or you can just enjoy your time playing the game, learning new things and ignoring the timer.

Completing the game

Once all the cards have been matched, you have won the game and your brain just “lifted some weights in the brain gym :)”. Congrats!

A traditional puzzle game packed with exciting features. Beautiful and free.

Our game contains the gameplay you know from the classic concentration card game, combined with new design and teaching resources. It's jammed with features, and below you'll find some of our visitors’ favorites.

Unlimited Free Games

You can play a memory matching game without thinking about time or number of moves you make. Or you can try to be better than you did in your previous try. It's best to try different board sizes. When you don’t feel challenged with smaller board sizes any more, don’t hesitate to click on the “Change size” button and pick one that is bigger.

Daily Challenge

Start your day off the right way with daily challenges. Try to complete the biggest board size every day. There are no excuses for missing a day! Keep track of your progress.

Helpful Hints

If you're unsure what your next move should be, you can always get a hint, read more about it and try again. Many resources on this website will help you move one step closer to winning the game.

Benefits of playing memory game like memory match

While there is a lot of research done on the benefits of playing memory games, sometimes it’s best to not over explain it and keep it simple. To win any Pairs game, you need to develop a strategy. You need to use your short-term memory and improve visual recognition.

A good short-term memory can have an influence on the long term as well. With every move you are trying to keep information in your brain while planning what card to pick next. And then when you match the pair, you get some new information (hint) that can be an interesting fact you didn't know before, or you knew about it but forgot.

So, to keep it simple it's a fun game with no flashy graphics and no need for your credit card as the best way to protect your data is to keep it for yourself.

About us (and how we are different)

We love simple but fun memory games. We are a team of developers who listen to the feedback we are getting from the teachers and continuously update this website based on it. And we keep it free so it can reach a wide audience.

Have feedback? Reach out

At, we value your feedback and are always looking for ways to improve memory games. That’s actually how it all started. We listened to our friends, then the teachers of their children. Then parents would play our games together with their children. So we listen. A lot.

Whether you have suggestions for new features, ways to make the games more enjoyable, or criticism on areas that could use improvement, we want to hear from you. Contact us